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Cryptocurrencies Contract Specifications

Swap values in points Trading Hours
Symbol Description Typical Spread in pips Leverage (up to)
Short Long
Monday Open Friday Close Break
BTCEUR Bitcoin Euro 30.0 10%
-500.0 -600.0
0:05:00 23:54:59 -
BTCUSD Bitcoin US Dollar 30.0 10%
-500.0 -600.0
0:05:00 23:54:59 -
DSHUSD Dashcoin US Dollar 2.5 10%
-1.0 -2.0
0:05:00 23:54:59 -


  • Swaps values may be adjusted daily based on market conditions and rates provided by our Price Provider applicable to all open positions. Triple swaps are applied every Wednesday.
  • Server Times: Winter: GMT+2 and Summer: GMT+3 (DST) (last Sunday of March and ends last Sunday of October).
  • All Pending Orders will be force closed during market breaks. In case any order is left pending, it will be automatically deleted on market close Friday.
  • The execution of new orders for crypto currency instruments is subject to company’s risk management procedures. The opening of market and pending orders might face temporary rejections.
  • Commission charge of 1 USD per lot round turn is applied.

Calculating Cryptocurrencies Margin Requirements - Example

Account base currency: USD

Position: Open 1 lot BUY BTCUSD at 8,249.60

1 Lot size: 1 Bitcoin

Margin requirement: 0% of Notional Value

Notional value is: 1 * 1 * 8,249.60 = 8,249.60 USD

Margin required is: 8,249.60 USD * 0.10 = 824.96 USD